Why fill 1099 with W9?

If you work under a contract without being worker of the company and receive more than $ 600 per year, you need to fill out form 1099-MISC to confirm your income with the IRS. You will need your valid tax ID. The data is in the W-9 documents, this is the social security number or ID that protects your rights.

Does an employee file out a W9?

Companies use blank 1099-MISC provide document to worker. The US Internal Revenue Service controls the earnings of any person providing services to another person or business: a leasing company, freelancers, and private contractors. It will help not pay more than expected.

Blank 1099 is for reporting payments:

  • rent (section 1);
  • work performed by non-contractors (paragraph 7);
  • awards, prizes, prizes (columns 3 and 7);
  • get overtime, other charges (part 3);
  • expenses for medical services (part 6);
  • spending on a lawyer (there are exceptions);
  • selling items or goods worth more than $ 5000 (part 9).

W-9 must first be obtained to clarify the main data – this is making you like an employee. Failure to fill out a report or being late may be penalized.

Who needs a 1099-MISC?

An customer work must file a report with the IRS if they have paid the contractor (or freelancer) more than $ 600 per year, or issued $ 10 royalties. A paper showing the total amount needed to fill out to this person to sign and submit to the U.S. Department of State. If you withheld federal income tax according to a fallback order, you must notify all earnings less than $ 600.

IRS simplified the W-9 for 1099 employee blank. Now enough:

  • specify your identifier;
  • confirm that you are not using backup hold;
  • note that you do not have foreign assets;
  • enter information on foreign assets, if any.

When submitting your sensitive information, check who and why is requesting this form. Use only secure channels to send data. Customer work of independent contractors store information in a file of customer contract, they do not transfer it anywhere.

Getting W-9 instead of W-4

If you’re embarking on a new job, you could expect W-4 when document another arrived. Check if you are a freelancer and if you need W-9 for contract employee. Those who are enrolled in the state, you need a W-4 blank. Self-employed people do not withhold social security/medical care or income tax.


The IRS checks that all freelancers report all sources of income. If you do not have an identification number or it is not valid, the customer job must withhold taxes an your payments. This is called backup hold. Hurry up to submit the paper to IRS deadline to submit before January 31.