Where to get a copy of W-9 if your employer fails to provide it

W-9 is the most widely used IRS-issued tax form. Revenue Service uses this document to get the information (personal details and SSN or EIN – taxpayer identification number) about non-employee workers from the vendors they hire as individual contributors.


What is this form for and can I use it for my business

Use W-9 blank to submit your taxpayer data to the IRS if you are:

  • An independent contributor or freelancer.
  • An owner of the small business registered as a sole proprietor.
  • S-Corp (single-member LLC) or if you are hired by the LLC.


Where can one get copy of W-9

A company that hires an independent contractor / freelancer has to provide them with all the necessary docs. If you do not know how to get a W-9 formjust contact your client.

Sometimes the employer fails to send this document to the individual contributor. In such a case you have to contact the company you serve and ask them to send you the required document. Also, during the tax filing season post offices and libraries supply the taxpayers with free forms, so you may consider getting the blank from the nearest postal outlet.

You can always find the editable tax documents on the official site of Revenue Service – it is especially convenient for the foreigners, but US-based freelancers also often download and fill out blanks in PDF and Word.