When W-9 form is applicable?

Each business has to classify its workers as employees and an independent contractors. The last ones should fill W9ben to show their tax status. As for employees, they have to use W-4 work tax form.

When W-9 blank is used?

This blank is used by a U.S. citizen to provide his correct TIN to the one who is requesting it when is it needed. In addition, the person has to complete it to confirm he is free from backup withholding. Most of the taxpayers are already exempt, but if they didn’t, the firm that is hiring the freelancer may need to withhold earnings tax from this contractor’s sum at 28% and submit it to IRS.

  1. With blank W-9 form free download the company will not refrain any taxes of independent contractor in Wisconsin.
  2. The individual is responsible for providing the right amount of taxes that are paid to IRS.
  3. When it comes to such taxes as Social Security and Medicare ones, it is needed to pay both the hirer and employee’s share.

Employer’s tricks

As a rule, the more control hirer has over work that his worker is performing the more likely that individual is an employee rather than independent contractor. Sometimes the hirer might try saving some money considering employed person as an independent contractor. It means that they aren’t going to pay a share of Medicare taxes and Social Security on the income of employee. However, if that happens, hirer’s “savings” will come out of the pocket. That is why it’s highly important to solve this problem at the very beginning.

Just download this doc right here and don’t hesitate to ask for help on this site in case there are problems about filling it.