When can I avoid filling out the W-9 form?

Payment of taxes is required for residents and non-residents of America. In each individual case, the form may have a different name and address. W9 was created only for identification not a contractor, permanent employees of companies do not need to fill it out, for them W-4.

Is the legal form that you download via the Internet

The document does not need to notarize, just need to send it back to the IRS. Check the relevance of the form. You can enter your data through many programs or print and fill in all the columns without errors or corrections

Is it possible to avoid giving W 9

If identification fails, an initial fine of $ 50 is the penalty is imposed. Not reported to the tax office about their income, the state will not be able to verify the legality of your income, and may impose a temporary arrest on bank accounts. In addition, permanent deductions of the statute of 28%. Each year, the figure varies slightly.

Avoid legal filing can:

No. who can legally avoid legal filing
1. Residents whose income is less than 600 dollars
2. Citizens residing in Colombia (fully exempt from tax)
3. Corporations
4. Investors (legal entities)
5. Regular brokers
6. Charity organizations

In other cases, downloading and sending the document is required. 

Management response to failure to fill out the form

If you have refused to submit a form to the IRS, be prepared that most likely the management will not want to continue further cooperation with you. Therefore, in time, prepare documentation and returning only in the IRS.