What’s a W-9 tax form used for? How to fill it out?

If you’re freelancer, entertainer or your company provides services, you’ll get a request from your clients to fill IRS W-9, in case they’ve paid you at least $600 during the year. The form itself is used to ask for personal information such as TIN and your legal name. They’re required to issue the appropriate 1099 official document. That what’s a W-9 tax form used for.

Where to get W-9 type in document?

Free downloadable blank W-9  is available right on our website. You can also complete it online using our form filler tool (on homepage).  You’ll require such information:

  • legal name;
  • trade name;
  • business type;
  • address;

More information you can find in our Brief Guide To First-Time Tax Filing. After filling all the fields you’ll be able to certify the blank with digital signature.

W-9 penalties in 2020 and 2021

There are a few penalties that may be applied to you:

  1. If you fail to provide a right Taxpayer Identification Number during W-9 TIN verification, you’ll have to pay $50 fee.
  2. Using false information for no reason will lead to $500 fine.
  3. If you’ll willfully falsify information, it can result in criminal and or civil penalties.

Note the recipient will also be a subject for penalties, in case your personal information will be used in an unlawful way.