What the number to put for W-9 during filling

How much digital information is in W-9

Proper completion of tax returns and other documents is very important for the proper conduct of business and work in the United States to avoid penalty. One of the most important forms that must be submitted to the tax authorities, as well as to your business partners, is the W-9 form.

After W-9 blank is received, it is necessary to begin filling. This form will be needed for the income statement of the resident, as well as for partners to fill out another important form of 1099 LLC. Therefore, it is very important to correctly fill out the form and enter the correct numbers in it.

And there is a lot of digital data in the form of W-9, on each page.

Basic digital data

In addition to addresses, street numbers, and other secondary digital data, the following digital data must be recorded in a PDF document:

  • Load at least one account number, in field 7. It is best to enter only one account, since the resident may need other bank accounts to enter into other types of documents;
    • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN);
    • Social security number – is needed for individuals / sole proprietors For resident foreigners, if you do not have an SSN or you do not have the right to receive one, enter ITIN (individual tax identification number) or Employer identification number in this field – for legal entities this is the employer login identification number (EIN).

In addition to the account number, all other identification numbers consist of nine digits in the United States, which must be remembered when filling out so as not to confuse this information with other data.

Additional digital data

In addition, in some cases, the U.S. tax resident may enter an additional code during online filling out W-9 form 2019, which will help reduce income payments or provide other additional benefits in some cases. These are Exemptions (codes apply only to certain entities, not individuals). It is entered in field 4 if necessary by NYS. For more details, contact the US tax specialist.

Thus, the digital information that is available in form is divided into the main and additional information presented in the table.

Taxpayer Identification Number Basic information
Social security number Basic information
Exemption code Additional information