W9 for S Corporation: what is it and how to fill it out

Why do you need W9?

In order to disclose your Corporation tax identification number to the entities with which you do business, you are going to fill out a tax form W9. It allows an organization to track your payments to you and allows the government to ensure that those payments are included as income.

Business Details

To filling out, you will need some basic information about your Corporation, such as your company name and address, Corporation type, and company’s number of IRS tax identification. If your company uses the intended brand name, please indicate the name under which it does business. For the situation when you don’t have a TIN for your Corporation, you can apply for it at the IRS and write “applied for” in the space that marked for the TIN on the blank.

Does an S Corp need to fill out a W9?

When an S-Corporation provides services for another business, the S-Corporation must complete form W-9 to provide important information to the employer.

How to fill out it for S Corp:

  • Enter the legal name S-Corporation on the first line of W9. When it comes to W9 LLC S Corp, you will use the same legal name that you provided on the LLC registration.
  • Enter any trade name for the business in the “Company Name / unaccounted person” line. Depending on the jurisdiction in which S Corporation operates, the trade name may also be referred to as a” DBA “or” fictitious brand name ” that you may have registered with your local government office. For example, if the legal name of your Corporation is ABC, Inc., but you run a pizzeria called “Tony’s Pizzeria”, the latter is a trademark.
  • Mark the “S Corporation” field as the Federal business tax classification.
  • Select the S Corporation W9 exempt payee checkbox if S Corporation is not taxed.
  • Enter the S Corporation employer identification number in the “taxpayer Identification number” section.
  • Sign the certification application. An officer or other authorized representative of S Corporation must sign the application.