Tax basics: How to fill out a W9 for a non-profit organization

If you are an employer who works with a charity or a religious organization, you may ask yourself: do I need a W9 from a non-profit? Yes, you will need a W9 from any business partner if the total volume of the operations between you exceeds $600. While there are some differences between a W9 for a corporation and a non-profit, the completion process is largely the same.

Where to get the blank and how to fill it out

First, go to the IRS website and find the form here. It is a standard blank approved by the IRS. The detailed instruction is attached to  in the free W-9 form. You won’t have any issues with completing the document. However, you have to pay extra attention to some parts of the blank:

  • In line 1 specify the name of the organization
  • In line 3 tick the box named “OTHER” and write “nonprofit organization”
  • In line 4 input 5 in the field next to Exempt Payee Code
  • In lines 5 and 6 provide the address of your entity
  • Do not use personal EIN
  • Make sure that the director of the org puts his sign and the date of completion on the blank

What if the information is incorrect?

Even religious groups and charities may face legal issues. Carefully check the information before sending it to the inquirer.