Preparation of form W9 for submission to the employer for future use

If you are an employer or an independent contractor that provides company services, then you need printable W-9 forms. It contains the necessary data for the further provision of the declaration. The convenience of filling out the sheet on the site is that through the automatic editor you can immediately enter your information. The version of document is sometimes changed. Download through the internet always up-to-date form.

Fill W9 at time

Your employer will provide a document to fill out in late December or early January. Although, you can download current blank in any time. Do this no later than 14 days before the end of the deadline for submitting 1099 to IRS, in order to be in time by January 31. This applies to all states, including Kansas.

What data to enter

All points are clear, so there should be no difficulty. It is important that you enter genuine data so that it matches the declaration. Any mistake and you will have to redo everything and pay a government fine, because you will not have time for this declaration. So:

  • Fill in your name, registration address from the passport and the name of the company with which you cooperate
  • Select and filler the legal form and type of individual – partnership or corporation, company or association of America
  • Legal entities fillable their TIN, and physical SSN. Frequently errors are made at this point. Take a closer look at writing 9 digits
  • Availability of benefits and available savings accounts. Find exception codes at the bottom of the form

Part II

After that, you should read paragraphs i-W9 that you do not have additional deductions and all data is correct. Sign with full decryption and provide no late than 14 days before submitting the declaration. The best time is the end of December or the beginning of January. This way you will avoid fines and hold 24%.