How to use W-9 online signature to certify the document?

If you’re a freelancer, you’ll have to report you earnings using W-9 United States form. This document asks you to provide your TIN and other crucial information. You can complete and certify the blank online. This guide will explain how to use W-9 online signature for that purpose.

A brief instruction on W-9 digital signature

It’s more than easy to certify the document online. First of all, create a new W-9 to fill out on our website. Then use the instruction and help that our product provides to complete it correctly. In the end you should put current date and sign the paper. You can do that right on the website. Just create a new signature to certify your document or download it from a file. Note that your digital signature has the same legal power as the one you put by hand. If you’re a subject to backup withholding, cross out line 2 and then sign the paper.

sign W-9 form

Why to fill out W-9

Though this IRS document doesn’t report payments, it asks for crucial information that is used to create 1099 forms. You have to provide it in case you work as self-employed individual, receive financial income, rent property with the security deposit or you’ll inherit taxable property. Note that employees don’t have to issue the paper. They submit W-4 instead.