How to properly fill out the W-9 Form

If you work as a freelancer, you have an LLC, or you provide any other paid services, then you need to know what the W-9 form is. This form is necessary so that enterprises can receive key information about taxpayers. Each individual must provide relevant information whenever payment to a non-staff member occurs.

How to complete a W-9 form step-by-step

Filling out documents of this kind will not be difficult. Even if the question is how to complete the sheet for a minor or for a revocable trust this will not cause difficulties.

Reasons to file the blank:

  • Financial manipulations with real estate;
  • Mortgage repayment made;
  • Transferring money to a private foundation or organization;
  • Repayment of a debt;
  • Paying for a freelance employee;
  • Contributions to the IRA (Pension Fund).

This is one of the easiest forms to fill out which you need to follow step-by-step instructions.

  1. Entering personal data, just like in your tax return. Often people ask a question – how often do I need to fill out documents and what data to enter. As a rule, the data remains unchanged if you have not changed your place of residence or first name/surname.
  2. Next, you need to indicate the name of your organization. So that later there will be no problems and questions how does a business complete a W-9 write only the correct data.
  3. Indicate the type of your legal entity: one owner, partnership of several persons, LLC or you need documents for a trust or corporation.
  4. Information about tax exemptions.
  5. Next, you need to specify the exact address where you live. It is preferable to use the address as in the tax return.
  6. In the next section indicate your business tax identification number – an individual social security number or your employer identification number.

Before signing a document, be sure to verify the accuracy of the information provided. If you intentionally or not intentionally indicated incorrect data, then a fine or even a real term in prison may await you.