Critically Important W9 Information That You Must Include in the Form

You can get a blank W9 tax form from the IRS website. The PDF document is not only printable but also has a convenient instruction attached to it. Follow the instructions in order to avoid any issues. The main purpose of this document is to provide a payor necessary W9 information about the employee/contractor in order to correctly fill out a 1099 or 1098.

How to fill out a W9 for a minor

While it can sound confusing, there are instances when a child needs a form to be filled out. It happens rarely, but US law allows minors to engage in business activities and be employed. The most obvious example is a child actor working for a studio. In such scenarios, parents will need to provide a form to the employer and sign it.

There are some nuances that cannot be explained in the format of a simple guide.

  • Federal, state, and local laws may govern the issue differently
  • The age at which an independent contractor can enter an agreement with a business is 18 in most states
  • Parents should consult with an attorney to ensure that they are not making any mistakes

What information should you include?

It is critical to avoid putting in false information. While most wrong inputs can be dismissed as honest mistakes, providing incorrect data in official documents is considered a crime. You won’t need to disclose any personal or sensitive data, but you have to file out relevant pieces of information like your TIN or EIN as well as business address and name.

Lines 1, 2, 5, 6 Enter your name, the name of the entity, address
Line 4 Specify exemptions you are a subject to
Line 3 Check appropriate boxes
Line 7 Provide IRA account if you want to (not necessary)