How to fill out a W-9 online? Full instructions and useful tips

W-9 is an official document that was created by IRS to control the taxation of self-employed individuals. This guide will tell you how to fill out a W-9 online and where to find the appropriate blank for free.

Tips how to complete the form correctly

Use the tips below to make sure you fill out the blank without mistakes:

# What to do?
1. Use your name on line 1 exactly as it’s shown on your ITR.
2. Choose entity type according to your business model.
3. Search for exemption codes in Instructions part. Note: individuals are usually not exempt from backup withholding.
4. Use a correct mailing address. It’ll ensure you’ll receive your 1099 copy in time.
5. Enter TIN according to the entity type. There are specific instructions on the blank starting from page 2. If during W-9 validation occurs that your TIN is incorrect, you’ll be a subject to backup withholding.

When all the fields are completed, sign and date the document on Certification part.

Where a free blank can be downloaded?

Whenever you have to issue a new form, you can get it on our website. We have the tools to help you fill it online and sign the paper with digital signature. You can also download the blank that you can print out to complete by hand.