Filling out W-9 – What you should pay attention to

Filing by independent contractors such as a freelancer is required to keep you taxed less than 24%. The document is not transmitted directly to the IRS. It is auxiliary and shows your income and expense for the current year. The current W9 2020 printable form is free and accessible to everyone. Its filling is not difficult, it is important to fill in the paragraphs on instruction.

What you should pay attention to

Freelancers, entertainer, programmers, part-time designers without a cabinet can download and fill out the form themselves. Also, your employee can send you a document in order. To deduct a small tax from you, as with a resident.

Every year necessary for IRS w9 form 2019 download with the following changes:

  • Change of residence address, name or SSN / TIN
  • Change of type of work. If you previously worked in the company constantly, and the head transferred you to independent contractors, immediately download form W9 blank and fill in according to the instructions

Never provide data to scammers, it is better to personally verify by calling the company and clarify the request.

Deadlines and refusal

The entire cash flow of government funds controls. Filling out and providing W9 is not mandatory. In case of refusal, 24% of taxes will be deducted from income. At the request of the fill manager, provide the form to your manager for further processing of data for form 1099.

Differences between an individual and a legal entity

By loading an empty W9 form, you may not be able to write TIN or SSN. For legal entities, the tax office provides a free taxpayer identification number. If a part-time job is carried out by an individual, then SSN (it does not change throughout life). Encrypt data is sent at the location of the request, usually a guide.

Do not confuse points, otherwise 24% will be deducted from income as with a non-resident of America.