Errors when filling out the W9 form to avoid

If you incorrectly fill out the W9 tax form for 2019, it is possible that the tax administration will deduct 24% from your income (28% before this year), as from a non-resident. Therefore, provide correctly W-9 form printable 2019 to your manager or at the place of demand (bank, credit institution) before the end of the year.


Difficulty filling out a document

Mistakes Decision
Wrong electronic form selection For residents of America blank W9 2020 printable form, non-residents W8
Wrong address Download document, the registration address is indicated, which is written in the passport, and not the place of residence
Confusion between employed employee and independent contractor If you constantly work in the company and are there – for you W4, with a contract for a certain job – download W9
Incorrect filling of points If you sold or received real estate or other property, 2 point does not need to be filled
Leaving the EIN column blank When starting a business, you will have to wait about 2 weeks before receiving an EIN. Write in document “applied for”


The most important thing is that your downloadable data always match the declaration. Then you will have no problem.


If you make a mistake in spelling

If there are errors on the document, incorrect data and other unreliable data, 24% of taxes will be deducted from your income, as from a non-resident. If you have not had time to send it, you can editable form directly on the site. Before sending, check all data again.


What is the best way to submit an electronic form in which confidential information

To avoid information leakage in your electronically details, do not trust them to strangers. Several variants:

  • Email. The fastest way. Create a strong password, because scammers can recognize emailable forms
  • Personally. Do not call the courier, bring easy to the personnel department or manager
  • Fax. Also, the fast transfer of digital documents from a computer, in addition, this type is least susceptible to hacker attacks

Follow easy tips and don’t have problems with IRS tax administration.