Electronic submission for urgent W-9 request

Hand delivery might be a secure and all year round popular method to exchange documentation needed. This way allows you to not only be sure that papers are delivered successfully, but also be confident about tax report addressee. There are few ways to make fill out and transfer process more easy.

Ways of electronic submission:

  • Fax
  • Internet sites
  • Mobile apps
  • Electronic medium (USB flash drive, compact disc)

Secure electronic sources

Internal Revenue Service gives an opportunity to save the blank onto computer right from official web source. It is easy to search for blank fill out instructions on the same section as well as download actual Clarification for form W-9. Extra points for checking on latest version.

Special web tools

Lots of web sources have their own ways to make fill out process more handy. For instance, you are able to choose a certain year document version, you can watch video manual on how to get friendly with the source when completing the form. Some web sources have a chat window support. Some of them allow to choose form specifically for your state, for instance Illinois. Might be convenient for papers where some figures may differ from place to play. What’s more important — once you are registered on site that allows filling out papers online you can use memo-functions. As far as you typed personal info in — system will keep these data in memory and allow to fill other documents by one click.

Portable as never

Another form of a substitute to the print blank is mobile app. They have several of ready templates that can be as easy to complete as writing an SMS. Integration with the phone is so good that the form can be sent right away from your app, instantly be attached to the mail, or be shared via Bluetooth.