Do I need to sign W9 if I don’t want to?

It doesn’t matter if person is freelancer and have just received a W9 request, or a work giver: there are certain rules for proper document fill out and penalties for those who refuse to follow.

There might be reasons for both of the sides to feel like they don’t have to deal with ratepayer forms at all. Freelancers are often worried about information security, or simply don’t know about fee that comes after W9 fill out refuse. For vendors it might be an extra security point since W9 protects them from hiring undocumented immigrants. Nobody can underestimate the importance of blank file since full list of penalties and fees can be reviewed online.

How to make sure that I can sign it?

IRS W9 website highlights the importance of understanding that W9 should only be completed by freelancers. Company workers surprised by requirement of signed form return. Just do a certain revision – it might be a employee demotion. In that case you must talk to the requester, and if form was sent by mistake – new W4 should be provided instead.

For those who are unsure if they have to provide a signature on the special line — there’s an example. Make sure that your taxpayer ID is valid. Only rule is that US habitats and lawful residents with valid TIN (SSN or ITIN) can certify data provided.

A TIN must be on a withholding certificate for tax treaty benefits connected income and annuities exemption.