Creation of a W-9 form. The easy way to create the blank

Form W-9 is usually used in businesses in the United States tax system to get the information from the people who they hire as independent contractors or freelancers.

What is W-9 form definition?

A W-9 is an official form used by the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS which points out that tax payer is responsible for paying his own taxes and who is not a subject to backup withholding. It is a paper with blank spaces that needs to be filled, such as name, address and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) which is an individual Social Security Number of a tax payer.

How to create a W-9 form?

Creating a W-9 form is a very easy process. You need to have a computer and printer and follow the steps below:

  1. Find the official website of IRS and or use our proposal, there you can find a W-9 form;
  2. Fill in the highlighted area and there write the name, address and personal TIN;
  3. Print the form by clicking the “Printer” icon.

That is all, your W-9 form is ready. It is also possible to create this kind of form with the help of a software called QuickBooks. Now is has the option for contractors to fill the form and sign it electronically in a secure way.

For this the contractor should create an Intuit account. Next step is to enter the document, fill in all the main details and put the signature using our service that will show the option to choose a style for signature or just draw it. Then it is possible to save and download the form.