Correctly filling out form W9 for all independent contractors

If you used to be an employee of the company, and now an independent contractor, then the reporting form to the head will change for you. You can write yourself, at the request of the business owner or at the request of the bank. The form is called W9 form 2019 fillable, which must be submitted directly to the company’s human resources department. Faced for the first time, difficulties arise in filling. Consider them and help in detail to do everything right. Download on desk or fill in the graphs online.

In what situations do you need to fill in blank

Any expenses and complete income are controlled by the IRS. Therefore, if you do not report, your account may be blocked. To avoid this, report in the following situations:

  • You work as an independent contractor
  • Sold or received real estate or other property
  • You took an apartment, house or auto on credit or by installments, mortgage
  • For refunds for minor children who are in college
  • When renting a property

Everyone has access to the W9 form 2019 fillable free, which you can print or fill out directly on the site. A document is sent on demand. If you ask a bank, then send it there. In other cases, to your employer.

The main part of filling out form W-9

The main body of electronic W9 contains personal information about you. Indicate your name, address of registration of residence, zip code. If you have savings accounts in banks, write their number. Difficulty will arise in the graph in the federal tax classification. If in doubt, you can ask the employer what kind of business is in your cooperation. Because the type of commercial federal tax varies. In the presence of disability, citizens are exempt from tax. Colorado’s residents fully freed.

Independent contractors in California and other places of residence indicate their TIN, which is issued by the IRS (American citizens only) and SSN. If you change your last name, your data probably also changed. It is important not to confuse and write everything correctly.

Disclaimer before filing W9

Part II is your true confirmation of the correct presentation of your data to the employer or other institutions. The document for the current year is sent in any convenient way – by email, fax, letter or you can personally bring it to the organization. Best of all until the end of this year. You can make yourself a copy to fill out faster. In case the data has not changed.