A full guide on filling W-9 for LLC

W-9 is usually an easy document to complete. It asks for data that can be found in your income tax return, Social Security Number, Employer Identification Number etc. Still, there are some cases when several questions might appear. This article will give you a full guide on filling the form for Limited Liability Companies and answer all the possible questions on the topic.

How to complete the blank correctly?

A spreadsheet below will give you step-by-step instructions to follow.

Line/Part What to do
1. Name
  • Single-member LLC: enter you individual name;
  • other types of LLC: entity’s name as shown in Income Tax return;
  • disregarded entity LLC: individual name (unless owned by other LLC that isn’t disregarded entity).
2. Business name Your business name. You have to enter it if it’s different from the one in line 1.
3. Entity type Choose the appropriate box. Enter Limited Liability Company’s type according to tax classification (not for single-member LLC).
4. Exemptions Fill the lines with appropriate codes, in case you’re exempt from FATCA reporting and/or backup withholding.
5. Address Follow instructions
6. City, state, Zip code Follow instructions
7. Part I (TIN) If you’re single member LLC that is disregarded entity, enter only owner’s SSN or EIN (if any). In other cases use company’s EIN.
8. Part II (Certifications) Put a signature in the appropriate place. You can use whether W-9 form online version or download a signable blank and certify it.

Note that some companies and institutions use a substitute for W-9. For example, it can be W-9 NY, Colorado or any other state form.

Usually, the requester will attach it to the inquiry letter. Make sure you get the latest revision of the blank.

How to furnish a completed blank?

If it’s a fillable form, then you can do it via protected email or a special web service for document delivery. As for printable version, you can use hand-to-hand delivery or post office services. Note that you don’t have to send it to IRS.