Сan I fill out a W-9 form online

This type of form is designed for self-employed workers, namely independent contractors, freelancers and consultants. W9 form is usually used by those who earned more than $ 600 per year while working without hiring. An employer can send it if it classifies a person as an independent contractor. The submitting of the form confirms this status.

After filling, individual sends the doc to his supervisor or to the company’s department, and not to the IRS service. If someone performs certain work in several companies, he/she will have to fill out several of such forms in the same year. Moreover, an independent contractor should resend this 2019 fillable W9 every time when he/she changes name, address, company name or tax number.

When you do not have to fill out the W-9

When someone gets an unexpected W-9, firstly it is needed to find out if the applicant has a legal basis for requesting this editable form. Sometimes financial institutions can use blank to get information from a client when they need information on interest or dividends. An employee who works permanently in a particular company and is a hired employee should not fill out such a form even if he received it.

The safest way to submit this blank

If the server has the opportunity to transfer a copy in person – this is the most perfect option. He/she can also use the free online service to encrypt the finished W-9 form and send it to the requesting party via email. In addition, an encrypted file hosting service can be used as well.
Another option is to use a special service to send. Among them are UPS, FedEx or postal service. Unfortunately there are no guarantees that this doc will be 100% safe and will not be counterfeited or stolen.

It is not known whether the recipient will keep the form securely after receiving a copy. Each one can use our service for blank W-9 form free download and get instruction of how to fill it in proper way.