Fill out W-9 tax form

Fill free or print W-9 form 2021 

On our web site, you can download a printable W 9 form, which is currently used in the United States for a variety of taxation purposes. We also provide professional online assistance with filling, editing and printing it for free.

What is this document used for?

Form W-9 2020 is used to collect data about independent contractors (or freelancers). It is one of a few blanks, issued by IRS, which is not meant to send back to them after filling. Instead, the companies that you work with use them to gather information about your tax position, which, in turn, is used for Form 1099 filling. Payees have to provide the document before the employer issues any payments or upon the hire date.
A person may use the W-9 form only if they are a US tax resident or a resident alien in order to provide the true TIN to the legal entity requesting it and, if necessary, to:

  1. Confirm that the TIN they provided is accurate (or that they are waiting for the TIN assignment);
  2. Confirm that they do not have an additional tax withholding;
  3. Claim exemption from additional withholding if you they a not taxable American payee;
  4. Confirm that FATCA code (codes) indicated in this Form are accurate.
    Foreign persons, who do not have the status of resident alien, should choose the latest Form W-8 instead.

How to fill W-9 form?

In order to properly fill out IRS W9 form, a payee should adhere to the filling rules that can be found on pages 2-4 of it. The template that you need is on the page 1. It consists of three parts:

  • The first part requires the payee’s personal business information;
  • The second part is designated for the TIN ;
  • The last part is needed to certify the provided information with a signature of the applicant.

Many people mistakenly include a pseudonym or leave out the middle name, but you should not do that. Enter in only your full name.

w9 form 2020 download

As to the next step, a natural person should enter the SSN. At the same time, a resident alien, proprietorship, or disregarded entity are allowed to use the ITIN. Persons, who have applied for a TIN, but do not have it yet, should enter “Applied For” instead.
Applicants have 60 days to receive their number and provide it to the legal entity requesting it for interest, dividend and some other payments made regarding readily traded instruments. After that time, they will have to experience withholding taxes. Above mentioned 60 day period does not apply to complicated payment types.

Methods of filling

The form can be completed either on paper or electronically. There is a number of requirements for more current electronic filing. A juridical entity, responsible for setting up an electronic filling system, must guarantee that:

  • Data, provided by that system, is absolutely the same as on a paper;
  • A hard copy can be send to the IRS on the first demand;
  • The individual themselves identified on the form should access the system and provide the data;
  • The document should be signed with an electronic signature.

You can use a fillable W-9 form from our site that will make the whole process significantly easier and quicker. You will receive an editable document, ready for legit use.