Who needs to complete W-9 form?

This blank is a rather popular Word doc but it is used by a certain number of workers who provide their services to employers of different spheres. Sometimes it happened that hirer asks his employer to fill W-9s but it’s not the right thing, as this form has to be completed only by independent contractors.

Independent workers who must fill W-9

There are some classifications of workers who may get request to complete forms:

  • Freelancers
    Having another name “gig” workers, they take park in short-term working process – like some writer making a brochure for a firm or a web designer who is dealing with digital work. For fulfilling tax obligations that can be found on IRS website freelancers often provide W-9 docs to their clients.
  • Professional consultants
    They may work as advisers on different company consulting clients in different working spheres, so they have to provide their tax information in W-9.
  • Trade workers
    Professionals in such fields, as plumber, landscaper or electrician can also use this blank.
  • LLCs and certain corporations
    Some of corporate contractors — mostly limited liability company contractors, need this form in case they turn as an individual institution – not as a corporation.

Can I fill out W-9 form online?

It is a quite possible to do it visiting IRS official site. However, knowing all needed information, each one is free to download updated form and complete it according to useful tips of our blog. This process won’t take too long if to get some professional help on this site.