What kind of role SS-5 form pays when completing W-9?

SS-5 form with a strict purpose of Social Security number obtaining. It is asked almost everywhere (although they say that it is not obligatory to have it according to the gov). It is used for opening an account with bank, execution of loan, when obtaining a driver’s license, getting social assistance, renting an apartment and more important — for employment.

So virtually anyone can have this document?

SS number can be obtained by US citizens, residents and people who have a work permit in the USA. In some cases, it may be obtained by foreigners who do not have permission to work in the US, for purposes not related to employment. Most popular way to obtain/replace card for locals is to get it done online. For any resident alien it would be suitable to visit the nearest SS center.

What kind off information is provided via SS-5?

US citizens and born outside the US, US citizens must fill and confirm the following:

  1. Citizenship (birth certificate or US passport);
  2. Clarification of Age (birth certificate, US passport, hospital card or church birth record);
  3. Persona (passport of a US citizen, driver’s license, state ID, worker’s/ student’s certificate, health insurance card, etc.).

Foreigners provide the same documents first points plus proof of legal immigration status (permanent resident card, Form I-94 together with the passport or work permit of the Department of Homeland Security under Form I-766);

Getting a new one

Your documents will require replacement due to the name change, getting a new card as evaluation of any mistakes, due to update of immigration status. Since no need to pay for either getting or replacing SSN document it’s not that much of a problem. Don’t worry — in case you’ve changed your name you are still provided with the same 9-number ID.

W-9 and SS-5

Make sure to learn your 9-numbers by heart since that’s the whole purpose of the W-9 — deliver of individual data to the requested party. What makes difference between SSN and TIN? In essence, they share same concept. The same 9-digit number in both cases, but SSN — for individuals, and TIN for business. So before you sign application where you are asked to specify SSN / TIN, you need to specify your own SSN if this is your personal transaction, or TIN if you are acting on behalf of the business.