Tax on income advanced calculation W-9 and 1099

There are several ways to work with business papers for self-employed people or freelancers (independent contractors) – it’s not that hard to file a form W-9 once in awhile or use online service to support calculations. Except when it comes to calculating all the income. Big amount of clients, different sources of income, and complex expenses, money hold back and many other things can make this routine killing.

Professional accounting

There are online services that have been created for the purpose but online help will still make you deal with real paper. Hiring a person who will cope with those documents for you? Some of us have an opportunity to do that while there are still many of those who can not or just don’t want to trust a stranger. Those kind of services are not cheap so when it comes to annual returns, most freelancers must make quarterly savings to have a chance of paying to hired accountant.

W-9 and tax calculation

Calculating the income is a bit harder than the first grade math lesson – it may include compensation for services you provide minus backup withholding rate. Double check on your money hold back status before calculation. Remember, that the result will be stated in 1099 accordingly. Input the same information in all docs, including W-9 blank.

AGI figuring out
There’s nothing more easier than to find out an amount of adjusted gross receipts because it is equal to subject income tax of the total report minus item deductions. If amount of deductions does not go higher than your filing status deduction limit – you can be sure in pay off.


You should clearly understand whether you are a contractor or a self-employed person because for the Tax Service if you are the sole owner that means that you fill out the papers on behalf of your business. Make an additional research if needed – talk to employer, read about your work position, remember whether you ever deal with W4 or W9 fillable. With means of 1040 you report earnings and expenses and accordingly they are either added or withheld in annual accounting. Send Schedule C by IRS , Profit or Loss From Business doc to both see yourself and report annual results. While there is no 2% of AGI limitation on deducting expenses via Schedule C on employee job expenses, list of deductions for 1099 moonlight is almost boundless.

For finance world newbies: the adjustment of income are being made out of direct deductions that reduce the total income to arrive at AGI; these data change every year except those that do not include adjustments for example payment of alimony, money on education and so on.

Exclude large levy bill from your eyesight
At times working as a 1099 moonlight without earnings you still have to pay estimated levy 4 annually, for a social security tax or medical care that are withheld from your compensation by enterprises that hire you – otherwise can expect a large bill attached to the annual income. There are several ways to avoid this scenario, for example, file self-care form and pay it alongside with income taxes. Remember – make sure to pay Medicare not only on yourself but on all your employees regardless how big are these figures.

Figuring out all the secrets

If you feel that you are not able to cope with paperwork, but you do not have enough funds to consult a professional, there is a small trick that will help in this situation. At times when IRS looks suspicious to your persona, there’s nothing more easier and secure then to keep all records at hand. For instance – are you able to say accurate number for car expense, like actual mileage? It is impossible without taking a look at GPS or trying to record it on monthly basis. But it’s worth it even though you don’t show the figures, additional tracking will keep your on track in case of IRS audit.