Signing of W-9 form online

As a rule, a financial or commercial institution must submit a W-9 form for completion as proof of payment for cooperation. W-9 forms to print can be downloaded from the IRS website. There is a very convenient and easy way to fill in this emailable copy online by using Hellosign service.

Filling the form online

This is a fairly simple procedure, the main thing is to follow all instructions:

  1. First it is needed to download an empty W-9 form using any of the listed sources or download a free copy in PDF format on our website.
  2. Then upload a blank document to personal account in Hellosign to be allowed to start filling it out online. Each registered user can download a file from his/her desk or get a document from embedded applications such as Box, DropBox, Evernote, OneDrive or Google Drive.
  3. Then it is required to format the doc and add the necessary information to it. After loading the form, user should start formatting it using special fields for this. Format the file by dragging the corresponding field to the desired area of the electronic document. While the formatting process filler should add correct information. This type of form will require formatting a document with text fields, a date field, checkboxes, and a caption. Formatting and filling will take several minutes.
  4. Signature of a legally electronic signature. To finish the filling, it is needed to insert a signature in the “Signature” line. Personal electronic signature can be made in various ways:
  • Draw a personal signature on the touch screen with a stylus or finger.
  • Upload a photo of your personal signature.
  • Enter your signature and customize from the font set.
  • Take a photo of your personal signature using the camera of the smartphone.

Key tips for completing the W-9 form

There are a few tips to help individuals complete it in correct way:
Keep the form safe. The main task is to protect identity from fraudsters. Keep this doc in a safe place, do not leave it in a public, do not transmit or forward it to companies in an unreliable way. Tax fraud is too common, so it is reasonable to make the protection of this form a top priority.

Keep the form up to date. With any changes in life (name change, relocation, company name change, marriage), it is required to update the information in W-9, which means that the filling out of a new form with updated data is necessary.

Do not make mistakes. IRS service requires submitters to be serious about filling out important documents. If for any reason the submitter provides inappropriate information about himself/herself on this form, he/she may be subject of prosecution and severe punishment.

If you have any questions about the form filling this doc, you can go on Our Articles and we will help you go through this process without making any mistakes.