Instructions for the requester of form W-9

Many employers use outside help form independent contractors. Sometimes, company needs specific experience when there is a problem occurs. Instead of employing more workers, hirer search independent contractor who will be performing short time job.

Cooperation with independent contractor

When someone employees freelancer instead of an employee, some things are different. Independent contractors has to complete W-9 doc whole employees use W-4 2018. As a rule, this blank is needed when employer cooperates with independent contractor who provides him set of services. It is important to obtain in w-9 tax form before make payment of sum that is more than $600. Surely, an employer can ask for an updated tax form but there’s no any law about it.

Obligations of employers

The employers who pays money for performed job is the one who is responsible for requesting this doc from freelancer. Nevertheless, the hirer has no obligation sending the typable form to IRS. All he has to is to keep this one or the copy of W-9 2019 and use the information received while preparing for returns of information.

Requesters can create some system for money receivers and payees’ agents to send W-9 in electronic way, including fax. In case of appearance of some problems with this form, each can find this downloadable sample at this useful site and quickly fill it out with help of site’s experts.