Does corporation have a right for signing certification on a W-9?

The business where individual works may get requests to fill w-9 from other companies where he performs some kind of work as independent contractor during a year. Those companies are required to report information about the payments to IRS they did to individual’s corporation. To make it happen they need individual’s right information that may be provided in W-9 2018 printable form. W-9 doc has certain area for signature. However, IRS does not require form signing if the company of this individual is a corporation. Anyway, it is reasonable to consider this question more deeply before signing W-9 forms of company and before sending them out.

Can I fill out a w-9 form?

The instructions that go with W-9 document include a certain list of those who is not required to sign the form. In “Line 4, Exemptions” each may find the list of institutions that are not needed form signing and this list includes different corporations. There is an exception if someone has got IRS notification that incorrect EIN has been previously submitted by him or her. In that case, is required for corporation to sign the certification. Signature problems go aside, and individual is required to edit his correct TIN.

Who else can sign the blank?

Generally, corporation employees sign tax returns as well as other documents. Nevertheless, anyone who works in company may sign this blank for corporation, but they should get the right to do it by the company. Individual who completes W-9 does not have to be a corporate worker but should have the right that allows him representing the business of the company he works in on tax-related matters.
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